A Horror Story About Instagram Dating


I was a big Tinder guy a few years ago. Everywhere I went I would update my location and then update. You know my body count. Then I quit doing Tinder and stuck with Instagram I know they’re completely different and IG has a bunch of fake accounts.

So I saw this girl commenting on all of my friend’s pictures. Did she come in at all mine also saw my friends Replying so I figured she was a real person because i looked on her page and she had way more followers than people she was following so I dm her I definitely thought she wasn’t going to reply but she did.

Within an hour we talked for maybe two or three weeks and we made it official. She was pretty had a degree in a good job. She said. I felt she was out of my league and to perfect. Every day she posted new photos and I told my friends about her and they seem pretty jealous except our friend Ryan. He said I was stupid because I never spoke with her. And not only messaged her. She invited me over because she says she can cook. Ryan told me to don’t go the rest and my friend said don’t have any kids and they will laugh. So I went over there but not without Ryan calling me a clown first the G.P.S. says she lived about an hour away.

When I first started to talk to her she told me that she lived in a nice neighborhood but when I got there there were people everywhere in the neighborhood, it was not that nice.

When I stopped at the stop sign in the corner people walked up to my windows and asked me what do I need.

But I pulled off really fast and got to the house. It was a duplex So I measured her. And she said to come up the stairs.

It was about 9:00 at night and people were everywhere just standing around. I knocked on the door and I was definitely excited.

The door opened and to my surprise, it was a bald-headed white guy with a patchy beard tattooed everywhere including his head with a tank top on. My ex was Lisa’s home and he said Yeah come in. When I walked in, I was immediately hit with a musty smell mixed with cheese. He told me to sit down and he sat down across from me on a couch.

He said she’ll be out soon. He asks me did I want something to drink and I said a yeah Sure. When he got up I texted her can she come out, please. She immediately said yes.

The man came back in with two cups of juice. One for him and one for myself. Then I noticed that he put a phone down on the table next to him.

So I acted like I got some on my arm then I asked for a tissue, He went to get some tissue and he left his phone like I thought he would, I texted her back to my home or the phone rang, I looked at the caller I.D. and it was my name, I heard him coming back. He came back in. We sat there for about a minute. And then the phone rang again because he never checked the message that I sent. He looked at the phone. I looked at the phone. Then we looked at each other.  And he called me said I guess you caught me. Then out of nowhere, he runs toward me attempting to grab me. I punch and he fell on his face. I ran out of there so fast and I never looked back. Yea I called the cops. When they got there the man was still knocked out. After that, I never went on dates with people that I met online.