Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer promises universal tax cut

Andrew Scheer

The Conservatives have billed this as one of their larger policy announcements for the early stages of the campaign. Andrew Scheer visited a home in Surrey, British Columbia, to introduce a new universal tax credit. Scheer says a two-income family would save about eight hundred and fifty dollars a year under this plan, which would see the lowest income bracket rate reduced. Right now, it’s at 15 percent when fully implemented in four years. That rate would drop to about thirteen point seven five percent with a price tag of about six billion dollars in lost revenue a year when fully up and running. Scheer suggested he would make cuts to certain liberal programs to implement this change.

It’s no secret that we don’t agree with some of the wasteful liberal spendings, like the 250 million dollars that they put into the Asian infrastructure bank building roads and bridges in other countries. Well, as I said, in the coming days, we’ll be showing Kenyans exactly how we’re going to protect core services, balance the budget and lower taxes, Scheer said.

This is day five of the campaign. And on all days, but one so far. Scheer has been forced to defend himself over candidates, over past comments. He announced overnight that as long as his candidates apologize, he’s still willing to let them run for his party. He was asked today if he should apologize for his comments in 2005 when he compared same-sex marriage to a dog’s tail, saying if you call it a leg, it doesn’t make it a leg. Scheer declined to apologize.