Finding cash loans


If you are looking for cash loans, Brick, NJ or anywhere in the country there is an easy and very accessible option that anyone can use, and that is a pawn shop. Ignoring the inaccurate rep pawn shops take from the media, most are a reputable place to get quick access to cash when people need it the most. Even those with poor credit can get the cash they need to get them through a difficult time.

There have been some hard times recently, with growing unemployment people are finding it hard to keep going. Sometimes there is a need for cash for a multitude of reasons. A medical emergency, car repairs, the next rent or mortgage payment, new shoes for the children. Perhaps you have poor credit, or you just do not want to go the bank loan route. Maybe you need a loan in Freehold and getting it from traditional lenders is not possible. Many credit unions and banks are less willing to lend to just anyone right now.

Some places offer more than just the option of borrowing against an item of value. Some have the option of getting a cash loan also called a payday loan. These do have high-interest rates but this is because they are short term. If it is the last week of the month, something comes up and you need money, you can go to a shop to borrow against next week’s payday. Loans are approved within 24 hours so you get the money when you need it.

You can get loan Freehold located or cash loans Brick or other places in other states. For people that live from one paycheck to another, these are especially useful just take care to only borrow what you can afford to pay back and avoid defaulting on them. Late payment penalties are usually high just because of the nature of the loan. There can be a small variance in the requirements a lender will have but they include;

  • Need to be a legal citizen
  • Need to have a bank account
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Will need to provide certain documentation
  • Need to have a source of income

Applicants can apply even if they have a weak credit history but must be honest in their application. You do not need to offer collateral like an item one might pawn, as in this circumstance the proof of income is what is needed. If you are looking for money and cannot provide evidence of income, then you could use an item of value to put up. However, you would need something of fairly high value to get a significant amount. If you need $200 for car repairs, for example, you would need something valued at around $2000. You also need to be able to return to buy it back, usually within 30 days, or you will lose the item.