How To Keep Your Cat Warm In Winter?


Cats enjoy being warm all the time. This why they sit in bowls, boxes and other sunny places in the house. You will usually find them taking a nap at the warmest spot of the room. Winter hurts them the most as they have a very thin coat (skin) that just doesn’t provide enough insulation. Your beloved baby needs some extra care during this season and this applies to all the pets.

There are various ways through which you can ensure that your kitty spends her fall comfortably. You just need to put in a bit of effort for the same. Here are some of the tips through which you can take care of your kitty.

1. Keep them indoor
Try to keep your pet inside the house as much as possible. Felines have a habit of following the sun rays where they will find a warm place on their own. However, if you get time, you can take your kitty to the park or on the lawn when it’s bright and sunny outside. She can have a cozy power nap there.

2. Warm cat bed
Keep the bed of the feline warm by using layers of the bed. Bedding is important for keeping a pet warm during winter. It will be better if you make the bed in the shape of a tent and cover it with the blanket. This way the kitty will simply curl inside it and you will not have to cover her up all the time. Cushions, old clothes and winter wear can make the perfect bedding for your feline.

3. Keep a balance of heat
Don’t keep them in front of the heater and blower for a long time. As, when they go out of the room, their bodies will find it difficult to adjust to the sudden change in temperature. Keep the temperature of the room balanced. Only turn on the heater for some time and then let the body of the kitty adjust the change slowly. Moreover, make sure that even the temperature of the bed heats up to only the temperature of the cat’s body.

4. Keep the body covered
Try to keep her body covered as much as possible. You can even get cat apparel for her. There are a lot of dresses available for kitties in the market. Few of them even feature hoods, that can keep the ears away from the winter chill. The feline will love the bright and attractive color of these apparel. Make sure that the fit is not restricting the movement of the feline. Check the fabric before buying them. The material should be soft and should be lightweight. Don’t make them spend the entire day in clothes, this will irritate them. Put them on when it’s extremely cold or when the feline is going out.

5. Exercise and balanced diet
Make sure that the kitty is not being lazy as this will restrict the temperature regulation. Take out some time and play with her. The play session should involve some physical exercise. It is important for them to retain their energy by sleeping, but it is equally important to exercise, in order to maintain blood circulation.

Indoor animals have different dietary needs. Take care of what they eat and how much they eat. Especially for senior cats, it is important that they are taken care of, during this season. Felines are like children, you need to be careful while raising them up. Just stick to the basic! Keep these points in mind and you can prove to be the best fur parent.