Rihanna Declares She’s ‘Really Happy’ As She Steps Out At 5th Annual Diamond Ball


Rihanna made headlines for her chic New York Fashion Week, a lingerie presentation, but on Thursday she stepped out for a very different course.

This thing or founded the Clara Lino Foundation in honor of her grandparents and at the organization’s fifth annual Diamond Ball, Rihanna was on cloud nine all night long. She tells people that right now she is really happy, saying the thing that’s making you the happiest tonight is seeing the amount of support and the magnitude of support is really special, she added, I mean, I could be out here and throw a ball at myself and I’d feel good. But the thing that’s making me feel this high of cloud nine, a few people who believe in my cause and think it’s something worth donating to, something worth investing in.

This year’s event certainly didn’t disappoint Seth Meyers, host of The Ball while Pharrell Williams and D.J. Collard performed, other guests included Tiffany Hash, Trevor Noah, Perez Hilton ASAP, Rocky Cardi, B and more.

And speaking of Cardi B, the rapper is Rihanna’s number one fan at the event, the rapper hilariously outbid herself during the charity auction portion of the evening while trying to buy an exclusive signed copy of Rihanna’s upcoming coffee table book.

At first, Cardy bid one hundred six thousand dollars, even though the auctioneer asked for one hundred ten K after another bid a bitter ring in at one hundred seven K. She then upped her bid to one hundred and eight thousand before bidding a final one hundred eleven thousand dollars. That was a thousand dollars more than the auctioneer asked for.

Doctor joked with Cardy, asking her if she knew how bidding works. But the rapper was unbothered and celebrated her big win with her hands in the air. Now the ball comes after Rihanna’s empowering savage fencing New York Fashion Week show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. That was on Tuesday night. The show was a star studded affair. It featured models of all shapes and sizes. There were performances by Amigos, Fat Joe Tiara, A Whack a set, Berg and Hall’s. He was there to debut her new song, Graveyard. It was a huge event.

But Rihanna may maybe debuting new music as well. As most fans know, the singer is working on her ninth studio album and a Fendi show on Tuesday. Rihanna opened up to E.T. about the new album when asked whether or not she planned on performing at the Super Bowl this year. She told the outlet. I still got an album to finish. You can ask me about Super Bowl. My fans about to have my neck.

The singer then added, quote, Whatever I do is gonna be confident. Whether it’s the album, perfume, laser eye, makeup or fashion, you are going to have to wait, maybe, I’m so sorry.