What most of us HATE About The Gym


So I don’t know how many of you guys know this but I actually tend to go to the gym quite a bit. I find it helps me stay motivated and focused on my goals and also distresses me from any sort of tension or negativity I might be feeling. But you want to know what bothers me the most about going to the gym. Here. Hold on. I actually have a list I wrote here. PEOPLE !!

Over the past few months of going to the gym, I have experienced a lot of annoying things that come with going there four to five times a week. Where to begin.

Number one:

the meatheads. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it when I go to the weights section of the gym and there’s a disgustingly ripped guy next to me lifting one hundred pound weights in each arm and dropping him to the ground following an unnecessary war cry like we get it bro. You lift but it’s not like you’re about to run into battle or something. Yeah. So buff calm yourself.

Number two:

people who give advice but are douches about it. So it’s a pretty obvious factor that anyone who is new to the gym isn’t going to know how to do everything properly and that’s pretty normal. But when someone notices you’re doing something wrong and they get up in your face about it rather than being polite that’s where it gets annoying. I’ve had a few people come up to me from time to time explaining to me the proper ways to lift weights or other things. And they were totally cool about it and didn’t want to see me get hurt which is never a problem. It’s good to learn but I’ve also had people who’ve come up to me and acted as I’ve just assaulted the gym itself by not doing a certain exercise properly like you’re doing this all wrong.

If you ever want to achieve a body like this do it right.


Number three:

people who hog the machines the gym can be a pretty busy place which is usually why I tend to go later in the day to avoid the tight squeeze of a packed gym. However, you tend to get those few people who are either by themselves or with friends who think it’s OK to just claim a weight machine and just chill there like no one else is waiting to use it. I even had this do the other day who’s on his phone talking or hogging the seat. And I even asked him if I could use it and he ignored me. You, sir, are an asshole.

And finally number four:

the overpowering narcissism. So considering I’ve lost about 35 pounds since I started going at the gym I can sort of understand this to a sense I’m talking about the people who are clearly a little too over-obsessed with themselves while at the gym I’m pretty sure every time I go I see someone standing in front of the mirror jacked out of their minds and just staring at themselves flexing for like five minutes straight. I’m not even joking.

The reason I understand this one a bit better is that I too have felt more confident about my own image from going to the gym. Come on I mean I feel better about myself but I don’t think I’m about to make out with my own reflection.