What Would Your Clothes Say?


When you look at your closet, what do you see? Are there a bunch of old clothes that you’ve outgrown or are there clothes that you like to wear? Are there a bunch of dark clothes or are there an array of colors? Often times, people hold onto clothes that don’t fit them. They hold onto clothes that they don’t like and would never wear. A lot of people have clothes in their closet that should’ve been tossed out or donated a long time ago. If you have a lot of dark clothes, is it truly because you like dark colors or is there something else going on that you’re avoiding in your life? Whether or not you want to admit it, your attire does have an impact on how you feel. I mentioned a quote in book Queens Don’t Settle: A Book of Poems To Empower Women by Dr. Carol Parker Walsh. Her quote states that “Your clothes speak. Make sure they’re speaking your language. Looking fabulous is merely a reflection of feeling fabulous on the inside.” I agree. When you have an outfit on that you absolutely love, you’re happy and confident and you carry yourself in that energy. On the contrary, when you have something on that you don’t like or doesn’t fit you, you tend to be discontent and your energy follows that discomfort. Our clothes are a reflection of us. We are the ones that choose our clothes. The seasons change and new trends are always coming out but generally speaking, you choose clothes that you like. Whether the clothes are name brand or not, you are the one who makes the clothes. In other words, your confidence and your style are what make the clothes. You bring your energy and attitude to the clothes.

With that being said, I suggest you take a look at your closet. Do your spring cleaning. Are the clothes in your closet still a good fit for who you are? Do your clothes reflect who you are becoming? You should have clothes in your closet that you like and that fit you. They fit who you are and who you see yourself becoming. Think about a job interview. The interviewer expects the interviewee to show up in professional attire. First impressions can make or break you. If a person showed up in clothes like they were going to do yard work, what do you think the interviewer is going to think? It’s unlikely that the person would be hired because the interviewer likely thought that the person was not a fit based on how they showed up. The same goes for your everyday wear. No one is saying that you need to leave your house looking like you’re going to a photoshoot all the time. However, some of you can put a little more effort into your appearance. Don’t just throw something on apathetically. The universe responds to you. So when you step out into the world each day, how do you want to be seen? Just think – what would your clothes say?